My Back Has Always Hurt

Posted on June 15, 2014

My back has always hurt. Why would Physical Therapy make it better?

This is a question we hear a lot. That’s because back pain is very common in the United States. 25% of people in the United States report having had back pain within the last 3 months1. Many people attempt to alleviate their back pain with general stretches, icing, heating, medications, and a back brace. Many times low back pain will resolve itself within a few weeks, but what about that back pain that lingers?

At CSSPT, we can help with that! We specialize in treating the spine as well as the rest of the body. We are the movement experts and will watch how your back and whole body moves. We will also question you regarding your everyday activities and help you modify your posture at work, home, and with your recreational activities. Typically, chronic back pain is a result of a long-term posture that frequently aggravates your low back creating a perpetuating cycle of prolonged pain – PT can teach you how to break the cycle.

In addition to help you improve your posture, we will help give you the proper stretches and strengthening exercises to set you up for success in maintaining your posture. First, we make sure you have the proper mobility at least in your hips, low back, and mid back. We may even address your ankle, neck, and shoulder mobility if it’s contributing. If you don’t have proper movement in those areas, that’s where we start. We will determine whether your joints, muscles, or other structures are limiting your movement and treat that with stretching, nerve flossing, or joint mobilizations depending on what is limiting you.

We will then teach you how to treat yourself to the best of your ability with stretching and mobility exercises. As your movement improves, or if you already have good mobility, we will train proper strengthening. No, we don’t just give you crunches. Who walks around bringing their elbows to their knees anyways? We will give you appropriate abdominal, back, and hip strengthening exercises so that you can properly move without over-stressing your low back.

Our goal at the end of treatment is that your back pain is improved and you’re able to do more and feel stronger throughout your day. We want to educate you to know proper posture and give you the mobility and strength to actually be able to maintain proper posture with all your daily activities. Our goal is to help you help yourself move and feel better so that you can ditch that back pain, no matter how long it’s been bugging you, and be able to work, live, and play again with less pain!

– Dane Happeny, DPT

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