Dr. Dane Happeny PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Posted on April 16, 2015

Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy (Corvallis, OR)

Where did you go to school?Dane

Oregon State University for undergrad, Go Beavs! Chapman University for my doctorate down in sunny Orange, CA where every day is summer. Go Panthers!

What is your hometown?

Medford, OR; I went to South Medford High School.  Again, Go Panthers!

Tell us about your family!

I’m married to my beautiful high school sweetheart, Tracy.  She went to North though, boo Tornado, haha.  She owns her own professional organization consulting business here locally, Blossom Room Solutions.  Needless to say she keeps me on my toes being organized at home; I return the favor bugging her to keep those scaps retracted and that head back sitting at her computer 🙂

Then there’s our son Easton!  What a beautiful little boy we just welcomed on March 18th of this year.  We are so blessed to be a young family of 3!

I’m from a family of 5.  I’m the oldest and have a younger sister and brother; we’re all 3 years apart.  My poor brother could never get the best of me in our front yard wiffle ball diamond!  My mom is high school counselor at South Medford; I would say that’s where I get me energy from, but she still has too much for me to have taken any from her! My dad is middle school social studies teacher at McGloughlin Middle School; I certainly get my amazing satire, humor, and work ethic from him.

My sister is working in Medford.  She has a passion for animals and has 2 dogs; she has also owned 2 horses in the past. My brother is a 3rd year sophomore at OSU; he got his associates at RCC in Medford working his way through his first 2 years.  His major is EXSS as well, but he’s still not quite sure how he’ll branch out of that professionally.  He is fortunate enough to mooch a Sunday evening meal off of us here in town every now and then. 🙂

What are your hobbies/favorite activities? I love anything active and outdoors: baseball/softball, soccer, hiking, trail running, snow and water sports.  I also love just spending quality time with my family.  I also LOVE learning more about the human body and human movement.  Some of my favorite educational resources are JOSPT, Gray Institute online, Barbell Shrugged (minus the occasional foul language :-/), and Mobility WOD, as well as going to any and all continuing education courses.

Why did you choose PT?

I absolutely LOVED my first anatomy class in high school.  Learning about the human body absolutely fascinated me.  I also had PT on my shoulder and enjoyed that experience.  At that time, I new I wanted to work somewhere in the healthcare field.  It wasn’t really until my undergrad studies at Oregon State that I developed a passion for PT. I love the concept of using what we already have with our own bodies to heal tissues and improve our movement to get rid of pain and improve our abilities to avoid pain in the future.

Why do you like working at CSSPT?

I love CSSPT’s mission, vision, and values. I love that we treat our patients as individuals and that our passion is to improve their quality of life to work, live, play again without pain.  I love the energy of our clinic – such a friendly, welcoming, fun environment.  I LOVE that we provide one-on-one skilled PT care.  Your treatment is exclusively performed by a licensed, skilled Physical Therapist, rather than doing exercises with an athletic trainer or someone with a Bachelor’s degree.  Those individuals have their place and purpose in the health/training industry, but if you want to move better and actually rehabilitate, you are better off with a professional with a doctorate level education in movement science (kinesiology), anatomy/physiology, and that can screen if there’s other issues you should see your physician about.  That’s what CSSPT provides and I love it!

What are your favorite types of pts to treat/areas of interest?

I love treating shoulder pain/dysfunction, mostly because you’re rarely actually treating the “shoulder” joint.  You have to consider 4 local joints, plus the WHOLE spine and often times even the hip on down to the big toe!  That takes skill and it challenges me and makes me a better clinician and I can ALWAYS be a better clinician, so I love that.  With that I love treating any and all throwing athletes.

I also have a passion for treating the “everyday Joe or Jill” that just wants to live their life better without pain.  Whether it’s taking care of their kids or an older adult being able to sit and stand from chairs easier, I have a passion to helping them reach THEIR goals faster and to achieve them without pain.

What is your favorite exercise? (We can put videos on the YouTube page too!) My favorite exercise is the single leg romanian dead lift.  Mainly because I can modify it to challenge every single muscle in your body depending on what we want to do with it, all while working on single leg balance stability.  Fun stuff!

What’s in your purse right now?

I actually do rock a “murse” (man purse) every day on my walk to and from the clinic! It has my wallet, keys, pens, highlighters, ipad, and usually a JOSPT and Sports Health journal.  As far as my purse I take out for leisure, I have two taped tennis balls, a roll of kinesiotape, a “the stick”, some free-up lotion, a GT 4 (graston tool), and a retractable foam roller (if that existed), and of course a water bottle.

What’s playing on your ipod?

I actually really enjoy trail running to contemporary christian music or with Barbell Shrugged podcast playing.

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

Oh man, so many. The Bachelor probably tops the list though. The final rose always has so much suspense! 😉


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