5 Reasons Your Child Needs Physical Therapy

Posted on August 6, 2015

We all want the best for our children.  Most of us have had bouts of IMG_3406pain in our life that have had an effect on our quality of life.  Often times, these episodes of pain go back to poor movement patterns we developed as children.  If you look at health babies, we all have normal movement then – just look at my boy, Easton – can you extend your mid back like that?!  So what happens? Here are 5 areas that contribute to decreasing movement quality and ultimately pain – yes, PT can help prevent problems associated with ALL of these!


  1. Growth Results in Changing Movement and Compensations
    • Has your kid every given a baby giraffe a run for it’s money in how uncoordinated one can look? This isn’t your kid’s fault, it’s part of growth.  Sometimes we figure it out for ourselves, but most the time we do develop some movement compensations.  PTs can identify these and teach your child how to correct and improve their movement!
  2. Sitting Society
    • Welcome to Kindergarten, get ready to sit for most of your day for the rest of your life!  Sitting is terrible for us, but we do it all through school.  There is a movement attempting to implement standing desks in our schools, but for now, we sit.  Sitting creates numerous problems that result in the wrong muscles being tight, too long, and weak.  PTs will help improve your kid’s sitting posture, and give appropriate strength and stretch exercises to limit the ill effects of sitting.
  3. Lack of Movement Education
    • School teaches us how to write in cursive and to recite all of the US Presidents, but it doesn’t teach us how to move!  There are some basic movement concepts, such as how to position your pelvis and shoulder blades with posture and movement that PTs can help teach your child.  With this knowledge they can apply better movement to all new things that they do, and when they get pain, they will have some tricks to try to get out of it on their own right then and there!
  4. Technology
    • We are surrounded by screens in today’s day and age.  This results in us sitting more and slouching into forward postures that ultimately lead to the sitting problems described above.  PTs can help with your posture while interacting with technology, as well as encourage and educate you on how to mix in more activity during your day to improve your overall health!
  5. PTs Consider More Than Just your Movement Health
    • Yes, we are the movement experts of the medical profession, however we have a doctorate level education in which we also learn about general health.  We recognize there are four main pillars of health: Sleep, Stress Management, Nutrition, and Activity/Movement.  We certainly focus on the activity part, but we do educate you and your child to help you improve the other three as well; if you don’t address all four, you’re health will suffer as a result!

Please take our five tips to heart!  Don’t wait too long to seek help for your child!  If you notice any of the above areas affecting your child, don’t hesitate to bring them in for a Physical Therapy evaluation.  Your child doesn’t have to have a specific pain for an initial evaluation with a Physical Therapist, and you can seek our care directly without a referral.  You love your kids and we do too, let’s work together to improve their health and quality of life through childhood and the rest of their long lives!

Can’t wait to work more with your kids!

Dane Happeny, PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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