5 Reasons Your Posture Stinks

Posted on November 20, 2015

IMG_3585Posture is defined as the carriage of the whole body as a whole.  No matter your position, your body is in some form of posture every second of every day.  You can’t escape it! If there’s something you can’t avoid, such as posture, you should probably have a pretty good understanding of it, so that you can use that knowledge to have the best posture, for the longest amount of time possible in any and every situation you come across.  As Physical Therapists, being out in public is quite the treat to be able to observe how people posture themselves.  Rather than having to put you in every position you could possibly encounter in your day/life and show you what good posture looks like, it would be easier to teach the basic “neutral” positions and then you can apply that to whatever position you have to be in whether that be lying down, sitting, standing, etc.

IMG_3587The best way to teach you good posture is to show you bad posture and what not to do.  Below are the five reasons your posture stinks from head to toe; we see the mistakes every day in the clinic and out in public.  If you want to learn more about one, click the link for more details!

WARNING: these are just the most common mistakes we see.  This may not apply to you.  We do see individuals with completely the opposite problems especially for numbers 4 and 5, so make sure the problem matches you if you try to improve with the suggestions we make.  Ultimately if something hurts, don’t do it and if you want to really tune up your posture, come on and see us.  You don’t have to have a specific injury.  If you have some aches and pains and think you can improve your posture, you want to see us and we want to see you!

IMG_35925 Reasons Your Posture Stinks

  1. Forward head
  2. Forward shoulders
  3. Rounded mid back
  4. Over arched low back
  5. Flat Feet

So, those are the 5 reasons your posture stinks and some quick tips on how to start improving your posture.  In the coming weeks we will break down each mistake and show you how to correct it in more detail.  We will also explore the most common “dynamic” (while moving) posture mistakes so that you can move with the best posture possible and help prevent injury!

Happy posture practicing!

– Dane Happeny, PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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