Get your Head on Straight – Correcting Forward Head Posture

Posted on December 1, 2015

Does your head weigh 60 pounds? Well, we certainly hope not, but did you know you can make it weigh that much?! The average head weighs 8-12 lbs and when it’s stacked well over your spine, it weighs just that much.  However, as you see below, when you start to let it fall forward the load it puts on your spine and muscles increases exponentially!  

head weightSince most of our life is in front of us and involves screens nowadays, we tend to lean our head forward to read and interact with all of these things.  Over time, we tend to get tight into this position and weak being able to get out of it.  The reason this is bad is you can end up stressing your neck muscles and joints with up to 60 pounds of stress throughout the day!  That WILL lead to pain.  So what do we do about it? We fix it with a simple chin tuck exercise.  This exercise will work on stretching your top suboccipital muscles that get tight and strengthening your deep neck muscles to keep your head there!  Get going on the chin tuck below!

Correcting your head is just part of the solution.  It is very important that you set yourself up for success.  We help you do that in many different situations below in our “Education – Healthy Living” playlist.  Check out how to have proper posture at your desk, driving, and in the airport.  

With all this said, you can have some issues elsewhere down your spine, shoulders, and legs with some tightness or weakness that may need to be addressed in order to help your get your head on straight.  Check out our other blogs referenced in our “5 Reasons Your Posture Stinks” blog to reference them!

Now go work on getting your head on straight!

Dane Happeny, PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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