Dr. Bernadette Podwika, PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Posted on January 6, 2016

IMG_4840Where did you go to school? I started at UCC, then finished my undergraduate degree at OSU and went to Columbia University in NYC for graduate school

Where is your hometown? Chicago! (The best city in the world!)

Tell us about your family! My entire family is 100% Polish. I’m a dual citizen and we all speak Polish fluently. I have one brother and sister who were born on the exact same day one year apart. My mother is on the quiet side but my dad is the opposite, kind of like me!

What are your favorite hobbies or activities? I love to dance! I also like to have movie marathons, decorate, and hike trails to waterfalls.

Why did you choose PT? Why do you like working at CSSPT? I chose PT because when I did some shadowing at a clinic I loved it! It was a fun environment and people were feeling better with treatment. I love working at CSSPT because we have an awesome/fun/down to earth staff and we collaborate really well together in order to get our patients feeling great!

What are your favorite types of patients to treat or areas of interest? I love all my patients but my absolute favorite patients to treat are teenage boys and girls, because they are so high energy and fun to joke around with while we’re working hard to get them better. I really enjoy working on the foot! It’s an amazing structure!

What is your favorite exercise? I like to do interval sprinting, and plyometrics

What’s in your purse right now? Wallet, gum, checkbook, pens from CSSPT, doggy bags and toys!

What’s playing on your ipod? What’s your favorite workout song? Right now I was listening to Cake by the Ocean! I love hip hop, rap and I’m getting more into alternative music lately.

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? NCIS and Bones! Any crime show really

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