Does Your Back Need an Adjustment? 2 Tips to Fix your Rounded Mid Back

Posted on January 19, 2016

IMG_0453image1Your mid back actually might need an adjustment!  The mid back tends to be the middle man that gets us into trouble with bad forward posture.  Once it slouches forward, the head and shoulders follow. Just like a stack of blocks, you move one and the rest follow.


The 2 main reasons and corrections for this are similar to forward shoulders, but a little different. 

  1. Mid back stiffness. When we spend so much time forward and not enough time upright, our mid back does get stiff.  When this happens, you can benefit from an “adjustment” or manipulation as us PTs like to call it.  Yes, popping your joints isn’t monopolized by chiropractors, us PTs are perfectly skilled and capable of doing it too! You can also address it with using a towel roll or a foam roll as we show here. 
  • If you don’t have a foam roller, we have plenty at our clinic you can swing in and purchase, you can also just use a rolled up towel, which isn’t as effective, but gets the job done


2. Poor mid back extension (straightening) strength/control. It’s one thing to get more flexibility on the foam roller, but your body has to know what to do with it.  These two exercises below are excellent for learning how to get that mid back straighter!

image1-2Once you get your midback “adjusted” by your PT or on your own with these exercises, it’s crazy how it can “adjust” your attitude at your desk and in life with how much better you’ll feel!

Now get crackin’ on that mid back extension!

Dane Happeny, PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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