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I’ve heard the rates of Tommy John and other baseball injuries are skyrocketing.
How can my son prevent getting injured in high school baseball, but still perform at a high level?


The rate of Tommy John surgeries in adolescents has increased drastically the past two decades. According to Dr. James Andrews, MD and the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), the primary cause of baseball arm injuries is overuse. Sure, strength, flexibility, and throwing mechanics can be improved to decrease risk, but the primary recommendation, throw less. Three other recommendations for adolescent baseball players are:

  1. Don’t throw overhead for 2-4 months per year
  2. Avoid competitive pitching for at least 4 months of the year
  3. Pitch no more than 100 innings per year

With the increased rate of “fall ball” play, these recommendations should especially be taken into consideration.

PhysicalTherapists are experts at recognizing overuse trends and movement problems, and educating you on what to do about them.

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