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How can Physical Therapy help my nagging injuries?


One of the biggest things we do as Physical Therapists is treating the whole individual. Instead of just treating the painful site, we look to find out why you are having the pain. Often with these types of injuries the painful site is the result of dysfunction occurring elsewhere, and if movement dysfunction isn’t addressed the symptoms will likely come back.

An analogy: imagine you are a factory owner and have two employees working together. One employee is very lazy, causing the other employee to work twice as hard. Over time the hard working employee gets injured. You can spend all your efforts trying to get your hard working employee healthy but they will continue to get re-injured until the lazy one starts working more.

This is precisely what happens in the body (your movement factory). If, for example, while I am running my “lazy” butt isn’t working, I will over use my “hard working” knees or back. We can treat the painful knees or back over and over again. They might feel better for a little while, but they won’t recover until I start using my “lazy” butt.

This scenario is often the case with overuse injuries (back, neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, feet). It is important to have someone on your medical team who can find the “lazy worker(s).” If you don’t know somebody already, we can help!
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