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My New Year’s Resolution is to start running for exercise. I’ve seen a lot written about the benefits of barefoot running. Will buying new minimalist shoes make me a better runner and prevent injuries?


Barefoot, also known as “minimalist” running has become quite popular over the years for good reason. Minimalist running can decrease shock on your joints and improve your running efficiency, helping decrease your risk for injury. However, those benefits are completely dependent on your foot type, flexibility, strength, and running technique. If any of those areas are not suited for the demands of minimalist running you could actually increase your risk for injury. Physical Therapists are the experts of understanding human movement. We can evaluate your posture, movement, and running mechanics to guide you into the proper shoe that will help decrease your risk for injury. If you’d like help achieving your running and other fitness goals this year, call Corvallis Sport and Spine at 541.752.0545 to schedule your preferred appointment today!
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