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I sprained my hamstring last week, can I make an appointment to see a physical therapist directly, without a referral or prescription from my physician?


The State of Oregon passed a law, effective January 1, 2006 that all Physical Therapists in the state of Oregon are allowed to see patients without a Physician's referral. Direct access to physical therapy (PT) services is now available in 39 states. However, your insurance company may still require a physicians' referral to pay for the services, but there are now fewer companies that are requiring a referral for payment. Contact your insurance company regarding their policies for PT services. From September 2005, Medicare patients can consult a PT without seeing their physician, as long as the physician signs the PT evaluation and agrees to the plan of treatment. If you require continued physical therapy treatment after 30 days of the initial PT consultation, we are required to have a referral from your physician or healthcare provider. If you do require a referral after this time and do not have a physician or healthcare provider, we would gladly refer you to one of the many excellent physicians or healthcare providers in the area. Call us today for an appointment, as you have direct access to Physical Therapy services. Our goal at Corvallis Sport and Spine PT is to have you back to WORK to LIVE and PLAY again, sooner not later!
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