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I am a full-time mother and full-time employee making life very busy. The stress of work and everything else was getting to me. I was having horrible headaches and did not know what to do. My doctor diagnosed me with tension headaches and referred me to physical therapy. What will a physical therapist do to help me?


Cervical headaches, tension headaches, or occipital neuralgia are often caused by poor posture, too much time in front of the computer, stress, or a lack of proper postural awareness. Generally, the greater occipital nerve and its corresponding branches are aggravated by muscle spasms in the back of the lower head or the sub-occipital region. Patients commonly complain of pain starting at the base of their head and radiating up the back of their heads and around the side/s of the head. Postural correction, range of motion and stretching exercises can be very beneficial in alleviating symptoms initially.

Follow-up treatments to ensure that good core and cervical stabilization exercises are initiated will assist in decreasing reoccurrence of symptoms and maintain proper prolonged posture. For information on postural correction and/or cervical headaches or to make an appointment, call Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy Clinic at (541) 752-0545 or visit our website at
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