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Now that the weather is improving, I'd like to start exercising again to improve my cardiorespiratory fitness. How should I start, and what exercises are best?


Before you start any exercise program, you need to consult your physician. A physical therapist can assist you in starting your exercise program. Aspects of the program that will be tailored to your individual needs and prescribed for your fitness level include mode, frequency, intensity, duration, and progression. Aerobic activity that uses large muscle groups and that can be sustained in rhythmic manner for a continuous time will help you achieve your goals. Important guidelines to follow with an exercise program include a warm-up, endurance conditioning, a cool-down, and stretching. Beyond exercise prescription, a physical therapist will be able to evaluate and treat any musculoskeletal issues that you may have such as muscle imbalances (tight, weak, etc.), biomechanical changes (such as excessive foot pronation), and any injuries that keep you from exercising at the level you would like.

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