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I'm having pain behind my knee cap. I am fit and active. Why is my knee hurting?


Patellafemoral syndrome is the term used to describe pain behind the patella (kneecap). Patellafemoral joint pain (PFP) is one of the most common orthopedic complaints among adolescents and young athletes, with incidence rates greater than 25%. Females are more likely to have this than males.

There are several reasons why your knee may be hurting. It could be due to abnormal biomechanics such as fallen arches, a high-riding small patella, or excessive internal rotation (turning in) at the hip joint. Soft tissue tightness in the calf, thigh muscles, or hip structure may be another contributing factor. Soft tissue tightness is prevalent during the adolescent growth spurt. Muscle dysfunction such as weak quadriceps or hip muscles (gluteus medius, especially) could contribute. Your training program or equipment may need to be modified to address your problem.

Take action, see your physical therapist for an evaluation to assess why you have the problem and how it can be corrected. Physical Therapists in Oregon have direct access, which means you can see a therapist without a physicians referral. Most insurance companies cover physical therapy treatment. Call us today for your preferred appointment at (541) 752-0545.
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