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Lately I’ve been experiencing numbness and tingling into my hands and arms with certain activities such as doing the dishes. Should I be concerned, and can physical therapy help?


Based on your description, it sounds like you are getting some kind of nerve compression or pinching, specifically, a nerve that originates in the neck and extends down into the arms. Frequently, radiating symptoms into the arms and hands are the result of a dysfunction or injury in the neck. The cause of the nerve compression may be related to various factors such as poor posture while doing the dishes, muscle tension/spasm, joint stiffness, or decreased circulation. Any of these contributing factors can cause irritation and swelling around the neural tissue resulting in radiating pain, numbness, or tingling. Since your symptoms seem to occur with a specific activity, they are likely of musculoskeletal origin – meaning they are caused by a muscle, bone, nerve, or joint dysfunction. In this case, physical therapy can be very helpful in relieving your symptoms. A physical therapist will thoroughly evaluate your posture, muscle flexibility, muscle strength, and your body mechanics or movement patterns. The therapist will employ various treatments to deal with your symptoms, but more importantly, teach you methods and strategies to manage your pain and prevent a recurrence of your numbness and tingling. Often, there are minor adjustments and positional changes you can make to decrease the strain onto your neck, thus decreasing your arm symptoms. Call Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy at 541.752.0545 to schedule your preferred appointment today!
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