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As a runner, I know my running mechanics are important for speed, efficiency, and preventing injuries. What are some ways I can improve my running mechanics and stride efficiency?


Keeping your running cadence high regardless of your running speed helps reduce howmuch your bodymoves vertically, lowers the impact stress per stride, and provides you with amore efficient energy return. Ideally, your right and left feet will each hit the ground at least 90 times per minute for optimal cadence.

Try landing your feet directly under your hips. Often times, runners will over stride and land with their foot out in front of their body, which creates a braking force with each stride and increases impact stress.Moving the landing point of your feet directly under your hips will improve your speed, reduce forces on your joints, and improve overall running energy efficiency.

Try to create a significant amount of your running propulsion through your hip extensors, like your gluteus maximus. These are big muscles that create horizontal propulsion in an efficient matter when utilized properly to their fullest extent during running.

If you’d like help with your running mechanics, would like a personalized running analysis, or have an injury preventing you from running to your fullest potential, please call to schedule your preferred appointment today! You can see a Physical Therapist without a Physician referral in OR andmost insurance companies pay for this.

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