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I want to buy a new pair of athletic shoes but there are many shoe choices in the stores, with labels like "stability", "motion control" and "cushioning". I have been told that my feet roll in too much. How do I choose the best shoe?


The best shoe for you depends on a number of factors, such as your arch height, walking pattern, weight and the type of exercise you will perform. You indicated that your feet roll in too much, which is called over-pronation. The severity of the over-pronation helps determine if you need "motion control" or "stability" shoes. "Motion control" athletic shoes are designed to control significant over-pronation and are good for people with flat feet. "Stability" shoes can help control mild over-pronation. You will want to avoid "cushioning" shoes, as they do not help correct over-pronation. Look for a shoe designed specifically for your sport, such as a running, walking, etc. Shop in the afternoon when your feet are more swollen. Have your feet measured to confirm your size and width. Put on the socks that you plan to wear during exercise. A knowledgeable salesperson can help determine if you have the proper fit.
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