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I scheduled Physical Therapy (PT) appointments for some shoulder pain I have been experiencing. However, the day before my evaluation I started having more pain in my shoulder and also now in my neck. Should I wait for the pain to decrease before I go to PT? I do not want to make it worse.


Your concern is valid and very common. It is a good idea to keep your appointment so we can assess and treat your pain. Going to PT when you have a flare up (a period of increased pain) is actually a good idea because it can help us determine the movement dysfunction that you are experiencing. We have a variety of treatment methods that can help reduce your acute pain. Your neck pain is also common, as research shows that over 70% of people who have shoulder pain also have neck pain. This relation allows us to be able to treat both of these areas simultaneously. Our primary goal is to reduce your pain, so we definitely suggest keeping your appointment even during a flare up. As a bonus, Oregon is a direct access state, which means that most insurance companies do not require a referral from your doctor to schedule an appointment. We would love to help you "Work, Live, and Play... Again" so give us a call or stop by our clinic today to schedule your appointment.

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