New Year Resolutions 1-2 for our next 10 Years of Business – Part 1

Here at Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy our mission is to “strive to empower patients to achieve greatness, improving lives and building relationships for life.”
January 2015 marks our ten year anniversary helping you work, live, and play again! In January 2005, Laura and Carrol turned their dream for improving human movement into our clinic, which has since grown into two locations!  Craig joined the ownership, heading up our Albany location which opened in Fall 2013.  We have had a successful first 10 years of living out our mission, but we always want to be better.  As the new year is here, we want to publicly re-focus our goals for our next 10 years of movement health care service and beyond!
Starting with our first two resolutions, over the next 10 years we resolve to:
1.  Provide every patient with the best Physical Therapy care in the Willamette ValleyPT1
When you have musculoskeletal pain or discomfort, we want to be the place that everyone wants to come in order to work, live, and play again, better and without pain.  Our Physical Therapists’ (PT) and Physical Therapy Assistants’ (PTA) number one goal is to give you the best care available.  Our second resolution below states how we do that for each individual.  Stay tuned for our last two resolutions on how we plan to grow our skills to provide even better care in the days, months, and years to come.
2.  Compassionately care for every patient like they’re our only patient
We truly believe that quality Physical Therapy involves one on one care with a PT or PTA.  At our clinics, we want you to feel like you’re our only patient and like you’re part of our family.  We treat you like a family member.  Rather than giving you some exercises for “knee pain”, we actually invest in treating you as an individual.  We takePT2 the time and care to find out where you’re having pain/discomfort, and then we strategically and specifically guide you through individualized movement and tests to find out why you’re having your pain!
We then give you appropriate manual therapy techniques and exercises specific to how you move with the goal to help you move better with the proper range of motion and muscles working.   We don’t just treat you to get rid of your pain, but we learn what you enjoy to and need to do during your day; we then make sure you move well enough to do those tasks without pain and with decreased risk to develop future pain!  Our goal is to individually teach you how to move better for life so you can always work, live, and play as best as you can and as long as you can without pain!
–  Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine Team
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