Patient Center

  • Your First Visit Expectations - watch an informative video on what you can expect on your first visit with us.
  • Patient Forms - save time on your first visit by downloading and completing the patient forms before you come in for your appointment.
  • Insurance - get information on the insurance carriers with which we work.
  • Customer Survey - take this opportunity to let us know how we "wow'd" you or let us know where we can improve.
  • Testimonials - read the nice things people have to say about us.
  • Links - links to other websites with information about physical therapy and other health related topics.
  • FAQ - get answers to commonly asked questions about your first visit with us.
  • 2 Min Video to Better Health - an excellent resource to health tips, exercises you can do to strengthen your core and prevent injuries as well as information on how physical therapy can help if you do get injured.
  • Medical Library - read about the conditions we treat and how we treat them.