Golf Fitness (TPI)

The first thing golf teaches your is humility, the second empathy and the third patience
- Kris E. Wilson

The golf swing is a complex sequence of movements that needs to be consistent and repeatable. During a typical round of golf, the average player will perform upwards of 200 swings (pre-round warmup, strokes that count towards your score, and practice swings). Most of these swings involve forcefully rotating around your spine and contacting the ground. When the body is working harmoniously, you can produce power, consistency and accuracy; but, when out of sequence, the swing can become unpredictable, strenuous and painful. Most commonly, golfers experience pain in their low back, hips, shoulders or elbows; all of which are susceptible to overuse injuries.

Thanks to innovative research in recent years, it is becoming more and more evident how important a regular exercise and training program is to prepare your body for the demands of golf. In the past, it was common to hear concerns about strength training leading to stiffness and ultimately harming your golf swing. The experts at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), the worldwide leader in golf fitness research, have proven this myth to be just that: a myth! In fact, exercise physiologists across the realm of all sports and age groups, have shown that strength training is the best way to PREVENT injury and IMPROVE performance.

At Albany and Corvallis Sport & Spine Physical Therapy, we have physical therapists who are certified golf fitness instructors through the Titleist Performance Institute. We are trained to perform a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment including strength, stability and flexibility in relation to the golf swing. From these findings, we can identify how your physical limitations may be negatively impacting the golf swing and prescribe an individualized exercise program to address your deficits. Ultimately, striving towards hitting the ball farther, lowering your handicap and preventing overuse injuries.

The comprehensive golf screen consists of:

  • Golf-specific musculoskeletal assessment of strength, flexibility, core stability and balance
  • Video analysis of golf posture and swing
  • Review of medical history
  • Discuss fitness and golf performance goals
  • Establish a golf fitness handicap
  • Provide a detailed report of findings with comparisons to PGA tour professionals

If you are ready to Move, Swing, Feel…Better, contact us today to schedule your golf fitness assessment with one of our TPI certified physical therapists. We can’t wait to help get you out of the rough!


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