Pre / Post Surgical

Injured but not afraid, because we are right by your side through your recovery

We have a lot of experience in treating many and complicated orthopedic surgeries. When the clinic started 16 years ago, 6/10 patients in this clinic were post-operative patients. We have a long-standing history, trust, and good relationships with many surgeons in the community and surrounding areas. A place where surgeons know their patients are in good hands. We offer acute to advanced post-operative rehabilitation following surgery and work closely with surgeons to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. We use performance testing and training for a return to sport and return to work. We look at how the joints and soft tissues work together as a system to identify other factors that may have contributed to your original injury in order to optimize function after surgery.

We offer post-operative physical rehabilitation for many orthopedic procedures including

  • Orthopedic and Sports Medicine: anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, shoulder rotator cuff repair, meniscectomy, meniscal repair, hip labral repairs, tendon repairs
  • Spinal surgery: fusion, disc replacement, laminectomy
  • Joint replacements: total shoulder arthroscopy, total hip arthroscopy, total knee arthroscopy, total ankle arthroscopy
  • Trauma surgery

Techniques we provide:

We get your joints moving with specialized hands-on techniques, in accordance with the surgeon's protocol. Rehabilitation will also include doing specific muscle exercises to strengthen and support the specific joints after surgery, without re-injury, or overtraining, to ensure excellent performance and fast healing after surgery. After this we work on improving your sports performance with individualized, sport-specific or activity-specific activities to get you back in the game, better than you were before. We truly believe there is healing in motion.

Other modalities include,

  • Game Ready compression and ice systems after surgery to reduce swelling
  • Graston Technique to facilitate blood flow tissue healing and mobility
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation to restore functional movement patterns
  • Myofascial Decompression or cupping to improve blood flow, tissue mobility, and tissue healing
  • Kinesio Taping to reduce swelling, improve muscle activation
  • In some cases, we can offer a Blood Flow Restriction program to accelerate muscle growth and strength gains during rehabilitation

Pre-Operative Rehab

We are also here to help you prepare for surgery. You can improve your post-operative outcomes by working on strength, stability, and mobility before you go into surgery. Come and see us today.

Post surgical rehabilitation, could also necessitate that you need to come into Physical Therapy for 6 months to a year after your surgery or rehabilitation is completed. This can ensure that you are not subconsciously compensating in the rest of the body, still protecting the surgical site and causing problems in other joints or affecting your sports performance, running form, or speed.


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