About Us

Continually keeping up to date on the latest research through continuing education
Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy is a private, locally 100 percent Physical Therapist owned company, founded 16 years ago by 2 passionate therapists who wanted to treat patients in a state-of-the-art facility providing exceptional non-institutional, non-corporate, one-on-one, five-star Physical Therapy to the community. Therefore, we are the patients trusted first choice for Physical Therapy and we see many physicians and their family members as patients. We have open lines of communications and relationships with physicians and other providers throughout the Willamette Valley, and Oregon.
We listen and communicate
Our values are providing excellence at every level of care by listening to our patients and helping them reach their goals. Whether a High school athlete, training Olympians, or weekend warriors, we listen. We are personable and care about you. With you, we want to heal your injury, so that you can be the top performer you want to be. We are told by many patients that this is the first time that they are feeling heard. We are the clinic founded on providing unparalleled care to our patients, and we are often their last resort after they have tried many other facilities or avenues. We also pride ourselves in good communication with you and your physician - educating you about your body, pain science, and your condition. Our patients get the results they need and many a time to keep them from unnecessary surgery or medication.
We are highly educated and continue to learn
We have exceptional Board Certified Physical Therapists in our company, many who have additional certifications such as being Board certified Orthopedic or Sports Specialists, Concussion Specialists, Pelvic Health Specialists, Running, Soccer and Golf Specialties, an Orthopedic Pediatric Physical Therapist, and Pre and Post Natal Specialties, treatment of tactical athletes, dancers and performing artists (aerialists). We have over 100 years of valuable clinician patient care experience in this company. We hire top-notch physical therapists. Our therapists stay on top of the latest research, and techniques to improve their patient care skills to get our patients better and excelling faster. We also teach each other through one-on-one mentoring. Our company has a 2-year Residency Program for Physical Therapists in partnership with a large National Education company, Evidence in Motion, in which therapists are officially co-treating patients for 150 hours specifically pairing younger therapists with a mature highly seasoned therapist. We all strive to be master clinicians to optimize our patient performance and our skills. We know where we are going and take daily steps to take ourselves and our patients there with constant education of ourselves, and in turn, our patients.
We have hands that heal the whole body
We are a hands-on clinic. We have our hands on our patients and use manual therapy skill where needed. We are highly skilled in manual therapy techniques and soft tissue techniques for muscle strains and pains. We treat your spine pain, shoulder pain or headaches, and stiff joint with hands-on techniques of osteopathic origin, to set your joint free to move again. We are also hands-on when our patients are learning or we are coaching their new movement skills after surgeries on injuries to instill confidence in themselves but also correcting, as practice makes perfect. We are present with our patients, and you are an individual. We have all hands on deck in your care. This is not a patient mill but a patient experience.
We give back to our community and believe that service is power
We volunteer in our communities and are philanthropic and believe in giving back to the community. Our company has donated thousands of dollars to many charities and the local schools over the past 16 years. We donate to the OSU Kids Spirit Foundation for 2 under privileged children to attend Kids Spirit camps each year. We fund a PT Scholarship to one of our outstanding PT techs, many Oregon State Students, accepted into PT school.
We Are Your Dream Team
We know that there is no “I” in team. We are all on one team, the patient's team. We pride ourselves on delivering an amazing customer service from entering a beautiful facility, to a great front desk and billing experience to your success with your own Physical Therapist of choice. Our Physical Therapy team have unique strengths that complement each, and there are many to choose from. We do not compete. So, if patients choose one therapist over another, we are supportive. We are all about your happiness, health and wellbeing. We are always looking for innovation and research to improve our patient care, company procedures, the treatment facilities and maintaining amazing customer service in a fun work environment, for patients and staff alike. We, as a team, strive to get you back to work live and play again, with passion, living life pain free!


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