New Year Resolutions 1-2 for our next 10 Years of Business – Part 1

Here at Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy our mission is to “strive to empower patients to achieve greatness, improving lives and building relationships for life.” January 2015 marks our ten year anniversary helping you work, live, and play again! In January 2005, Laura and Carrol turned their dream for improving human movement into […]

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Recommendations for Exercise Beginners

It’s almost the New Year and you know what that means – time for resolutions! If you are making a resolution to start exercising this year, we have some information and tips to get you started.   First off, you’ve heard it all before but let’s take a minute to recall the benefits of exercise! […]

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Cold Weather Pain

Have you noticed that as the seasons change and the cold, rainy weather returns that your knee suddenly aches a little more? Or your wrist seems to always be the most painful right before a big storm? Well you’re not alone! Many people, most with chronic pain, do experience some change in their symptoms as […]

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Female Athlete Triad

Click here to view closeup Calling all female athletes or parents of active girls – listen up! We as physical therapists love when you are active, competitive, and driven to succeed but there is an under-recognized and under-reported phenomenon seen in active women that can cause serious health issues. I’m talking about the “Female Athlete […]

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Five Reasons to See Your Body Mechanic

As Physical Therapists, we consider ourselves the human body movement experts. Just as a car needs to move (that’s its purpose) so do we! And just like a car needs repairs, so do we! As Doctorate level professionals of human movement, Physical Therapists are here to be your body mechanics! Just like your family has a mechanic […]

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Early Specialization in Sports – Good or Bad?

In our highly competitive and driven society, many kids are now participating in one sport all year long without a break and doing it at younger and younger ages. Some parents feel that if their child doesn’t specialize early on, they have no chance at excelling in the future and hopes of a scholarship will […]

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Why DPT?

Click map for close-up The profession of physical therapy is ever evolving and changing. One of the biggest changes in the last 20 years has been the transition to the DPT or Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. As of today, all Physical Therapy Schools are at a doctoral level (except for one). By the year […]

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